Amusement parks ramping up security measures

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Likely in response to the most recent instance of mass violence when 49 people were killed in an Orlando nightclub in June, amusement parks around the country are becoming more conscious of their security measures. Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Seaworld, for instance, have all installed metal detectors at their front gates within the last six months. More recently, Cedar Point in Ohio installed new metal detectors as well.

The move is becoming a standard in the industry. Many amusement parks, including those in the Six Flags chain, have checked bags and required guests to pass through metal detectors before entering for years. In a similar industry, many sports stadiums and venues require the same protocols.

Remember, this doesn’t mean that you cannot bring bags or personal items into amusement parks, only that those items will be checked before you can enter.

So, to expedite the process and save yourself the hassle of having to bring items back to your car, it’s worth knowing what you can and cannot bring into parks. Items that are always prohibited include alcoholic beverages and other illegal substances along firearms, knives, or other weapons.

Aside from those (hopefully) obvious restrictions, parks vary in the types and sizes of items they’ll allow. For instance, some parks will allow reasonably-sized camera tripods while others, like Disney World, prohibit large tripods.

For convenience, below are links to rules and regulations pages at several major park operators:

  • Six Flags rules and regulations (note this policy is from Six Flags Great Adventure, in New Jersey, but policies are generally the same at all Six Flags parks).
  • Disney World rules and regulations
  • Universal Studios rules and regulations
  • Sea World rules and regulations