Carowinds and Elitch Gardens had a Super Bowl scuffle on Twitter

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Carowinds, which straddles the North/South Carolina border just outside Charlotte, where the Carolina Panthers play, has gotten itself into a bit of a Twitter feud with Elitch Gardens, located in Denver. The amusement park trash talking in preparation for this weekend’s Super Bowl started on Thursday, when Elitch Gardens, supporting the hometown Broncos, responded to the Panthers, who had pounced first:



On Friday morning, Carowinds got back in the game and went after Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning:    


To which Elitch Gardens responded:



Suffice to say that Carowinds seems to be the aggressor here. Perhaps it stems from overconfidence based on the Carolina Panthers’ impressive 15-1 regular season record or from the park’s recent addition of the tallest giga coaster, Fury 325. Either way, Carowinds’ amusement park snark is strong:    



It seems that Elitch Gardens is feeling the heat. To combat the Panthers’ social media onslaught, they reached out to followers:



But, this battle of the parks continues. Later Friday afternoon, Carowinds took aim squarely at the Broncos. (“I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse!”)    



It looks like this Twitter war may be waged straight through Sunday’s Super Bowl 50. Keep tabs on Carowinds and Elitch Gardens on Twitter for more!