Do you love amusement parks? Do you know how to avoid the lines at your favorite park? A special trick to save money on tickets? The best rides to hit first thing in the morning, lackluster attractions that can easily be skipped, a not-to-be-missed dining spot, or the low-down on the next big coaster or new technology?

If yes, Amusement Park Pro is looking for experts like you to contribute articles to the site! Relevant topics will include:


  • "Insider" park info
  • Park/ride announcements
  • Money-saving tips
  • Little-known facts about amusement parks and/or the industry
  • Reviews of events or rides from your local parks 


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Requirements to pitch an idea:

  • You must have a demonstrated knowledge of the amusement park industry and/or a specific amusement park.
  • You must be up-to-date on your topic(s) of choice. This may include regular amusement park visits (hopefully obvious, if you're a pro!)
  • You must be able to provide at least one prior web writing sample (for example, a blog post). Samples on the topic of amusement parks and attractions are preferred, but not required.