This may confirm new RMC coaster at Cedar Point

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A photo posted on on Instagram by @jantzen73 may confirm what coaster enthusiasts have already suspected: The closure of Mean Streak at Cedar Point won’t be a complete demolition but, rather, a re-tracking by RMC to make the coaster a wood/steel hybrid.


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A photo posted by Jantzen (@jantzen73) on


Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) has made a great business of transforming aging wooden coasters into hybrid rides with steel track laid over the existing wooden structures. These creations – including Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom and Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain, to name a couple – are known for their acrobatics, airtime, and daring inversions.

If the suspicion proves to be true, the new coaster, which would likely open for the 2018 season, would be one of the tallest and possibly longest RMC coasters to-date. At 5,427 feet of track, Mean Streak was already on the longer side for wooden coasters. If RMC takes full advantage of the massive structure, its potential new creation would give Cedar Point a major crowd-pleaser.